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Pick up and drop off

Drop off and pick up

The School has two designated areas to drop your daughter off. Safety is our main concern and therefore please refrain from dropping your daughter off in the wrong area.

EYFS and KS1’s drop-off area will be through the side gates where admissions have been taking place prior to the school opening to students.

KS2 and KS3’s drop-off area will be through the main entrance at the front of the school. Please be aware there are no males permitted on the premises. If you would like to drop your daughter off at school as a father, this is encouraged and completely acceptable, however, you are asked to not come into the school grounds to respect the wishes of the staff and girls who are free to wear their school uniform with pride uncovered in an all-female campus.

School gates will open for early drop off at 6:45am. School lessons start at 7:15am your daughter will be marked late if they arrive after 7:15. Punctuality is very important to us at Durham School for Girls.

The School gates will open at 2pm for pick up. Arriving early will not allow you to collect your daughter early. The education of your child is paramount and missing 5 minutes a day can impact on their progression in school. Both parents can drop off their child, but Dads must have left the school premises by 7:10am.

Authorisation to collect your daughter(s)

The safety of your daughter is incredibly important to us. Our teachers are trained not to allow girls to leave the school with someone who has not been authorised by a parent. You will receive a form on or before the first day of school and you must provide details of people who are permitted to collect or drop off your daughter. A photograph is also very handy for us. We will not allow girls to go home with anyone not on this list.

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