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In Secondary, we encourage the students to converse and write in the standard Arabic language following the rules taught in class. It is essential that by the end of year 7, the girls are able to write a full essay including all the skills taught during the year.

Teachers help the students understand Arabic through the preparation of course work, planning of classes and the marking of work handed in, also they arrange extracurricular activities and set targets for students.

We teach students ‎Arabic in the most efficient yet thorough way possible. We cover different linguistic skills: ‎listening, reading, speaking, and writing. All classrooms are equipped with the latest electronic devices to help facilitate ‎the teaching process. Using technology and multimedia not only motivates learners, but it also enhances their performance in the classroom.

The use of different fun strategies in the classroom is fundamental in creating the right environment to learn and produce excellent pieces of work and enables the students to feel more confident to express themselves and share ideas with their peers.


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Durham School for Girls Doha started operations in August 2019 as a Foundation Stage and Primary School

Secondary to Year 10 will open. Starting IGCSE

6th Form Opens-KS5

Our first 'School Graduates'!

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Call us on 40362938 / 40362944 / 40362946

Durham School for Girls Doha is situated in Al Messila, Doha

Building No 81, Street 970,

Zone 36, Al Messila,

Doha, Qatar