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The main aim of the Arabic department is for the students to achieve the following objectives:

  • To recognize, read and pronounce letters perfectly.
  • To learn how to read Arabic letters in its natural connected way.
  • To learn how the Arabic letters look in their various forms.
  • To learn how to practice Arabic writing.
  • To learn the meaning of many day to day words as a natural consequence of the learning process.
  • To learn the difference between the soft and amplified sounds with examples.
  • To learn about connecting and non-connecting letters.
  • To learn the short and long vowels with examples.
  • To learn definite and indefinite in the Arabic language.
  • To learn assimilation, sun and moon letters with examples.
  • In primary, we concentrate on the foundation of grammatical rules in both reading and writing to enable the students to use the Arabic language correctly.

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Call us on 40362938 / 40362944 / 40362946

Durham School for Girls Doha is situated in Al Messila, Doha

Building No 81, Street 970,

Zone 36, Al Messila,

Doha, Qatar